Monday, January 25, 2010

Two fairs in one week!

Did you know there isn’t one BUT two fairs next week? The International Opportunities fair and the Summer Job Fair in one week!!

Did you know I went on a Summer abroad volunteering trip as result of going to the International Opportunities fair? It was such a reawarding experience, and I highly recommend people to go to fairs. You never know who you will meet at the fairs and what opportunities are out there for you.

Join us at the Science Wing meeting place on Wednesday for the International Opportunities Fair and Thursday for the Summer Job Fair. I will be present at both fairs, you can find me at the AACC booth. Feel free to stop by and say hi!

Some organizations that will be present for the International opportunities include:
AustraLearn Internship Program
EF International Language Schools
International Student Volunteers
Korean Education Centre/Korean Consulate
Verge Magazine: Travel with Purpose

Some organizations that will be present for the Summer Job Fair includes:
Bonanza Garden Centre

City of Toronto, Parks, Forestry & Recreation
Fern Resort
International Student Exchange (ISX)
Management Development Program
March of Dimes Canada
Project Canoe
Ontario Public Service

ALSO before the fair, come to the Maximize Your Result At Career Fair seminars on Mon, 25 January, 3pm – 4pm. (Sign up on the intranet is required for seminars.)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Re-Imagine your campus!

Did you know I am a swimmer? You should see me with my goggles on! As an athlete I am excited about this up coming project.

Are you aware of the athletics and recreation complex that is in plans to come to UTSC? Well here' s a brief idea of what will be expected at this recreational complex:

The new complex will not only be comprehensive, meeting all your sports, recreation, fitness and wellness needs, it will be built to a world-standard and include specialized facilities, suitable for international competition.

Students would have the best possible facilities available to them, from multiple gymnasiums and multipurpose program area, fitness and training facilities, to two Olympic-sized swimming pools, diving tank and more.

Are you as excited as me?! There will be a student referendum and this is your opportunity to partner in a world-class athletics and recreation complex and create new opportunities for student space by voting yes in the referendum.

Do you have questions or just want to know more about this project? Visit: Re-imagine Your Campus

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Welcome back! Happy New year!

Hope everyone had a good holiday, and stocked up on all sorts of Christmas goodies.

There are many fairs, seminars and panels coming up. Take advantage of the events before all the assignments and papers start to pile up.

The Career in Health Panel was held today, with four guest speakers. The next career panel is the Career in Human Resources Panel, which will be held on Feb 10th 5pm 7pm. Sign up on the intranet is required.

Two back to back fairs are coming up:

The international Opportunities Fair
Date: Wednesday, Jan 27th
Time:11:30am-2:30 pm

Place: Science Wing Meeting Place

Summer Job Fair
Date: Wednesday, Jan 28th

Time:11:30am-2:30 pm

Place: Science Wing Meeting Place

For information on other events you can visit the AACC website!